Style your Desktop easily.

Our new tool lets you make amazing Windows styles.
It's simple, free and without ads.

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Style my what...?

It's simple, Jack. Everybody likes to personalize their stuff, but not everybody knows how. So we decided to make a cool program that makes this a lot easier! Customization is no longer for nerds who know which apps to get, which system settings to tweak, where to get gorgeous wallpapers...

ScreenStyler aims to deliver simple, safe and effective Styling, for the rest of us!
But also, a way for us (the nerds) to share what we create easily!

So give it a try! We think you'll love it!

mega easy to use

Sky's the limit

fully visual

See what you get, get what you see!

Day / Night modes

Rocket Dock

Compact Styling Interchange Format

DISCOVER whats possible on your device

Performance Check

Share your styles with others


Steam Styling

Light as heck!

Premade Templates

multi language

Wallpaper Filters

And we've only just begun

We'll be adding the following features in the coming months:

Icon Libraries

macOS Version


Visual Styles*


Spotify Client Styling

Discord Client Styling

Chrome Themes

IDE Styles

Your App? Suggest an idea!

"I wouldn't use anything else"
- Richard Nixon, probably.
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