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Apple didn't make styling your homescreen easy, so we need to follow this guide

Bonus: Tutorial Video

A zip file has been prepared with all of the theme's files. Press to download it

Download ZIP

Step 1

Apply the wallpaper

Nothing easier! It's included in the ZIP file.
However, here it is again if you opened this page on your iPhone or iPad. Press and hold to save

Step 2

Add your Widgets

There are Widgets on your screen.

Click here to install WidgetSmithYou'll be able to set the style for it in its settings.

Add the default apple widgets by tapping and holding your homescreen, then pressing the + button

Seems like you don't have any widgets... next step then!

Step 3

You used the following icons on your screen.

These icons are already in the ZIP. However, you now have two choices how to apply them.

Step 3.1

You used blank icons on your screen. We added an extra package into the ZIP that will add them

Make sure you've selected the right iPhone model, as the alignment of these icons depends on the screen resolution

One-click Install (The easy way)

Using Apple's web-clips, we prepared all of these icons as a one-click install

Not sure what this is? Read more about it in our FAQ

Open the Zip

To install all of these icons automatically, simply open the ZIP in your iPhone.

Open the profile

Tap on the 'Icons (open me to install them)' file.
It will say 'Profile Downloaded'

Install the profile

Concerned about using the Profile? We've open sourced it so you can see exactly what it does

Go to your Settings, and you'll see 'Profile Downloaded'.
Tap there and press Install.

You may need to enter your Passcode.
Then press 'Done'.

That's it!

Your new icons will now be on the screen.

You may need to move some things around to match your layout. We hope you enjoy your new Style!

Bonus: The hard way (English-only guide)

Press here to use the older method via creating Shortcuts (without Profiles)

Important! One-time step

For the below step to work, please install Apple Shortcuts by following this link

After installing it, go to Settings > Shortcuts and enable "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts"

Press "Get Shortcut" below on your device to add this starter Shortcut. Select "Keep Both" if prompted.

Note: Don't worry that it says "Untrusted". All it does is launch Calendar, and later your app(s).

Step 5 - Adding Custom Icons

Hint: If you'd like to see how it's done, tap below to watch video:

Help Video: Steps 5 - 12

First, go to your Shortcuts app, select "My Shortcuts" on the bottom left, then press on the (...) of thatnew Shortcut.

Step 6

Where it says Open: Calendar, Press on the Calendar and select the app you want.

Step 7

Then press on the blue (...) on the top right.

Step 8

Press "Add to Homescreen".

Note: Do not press on the icon on the left.

Step 9

Then press on the red (or whichever) icon on the left, next to the label.

Step 10

Select Choose File or Choose Photo (Files is better, as it doesn't crop it!).

Don't have a Choose option? Make sure you followed Step 8 correctly!

Step 11

You can now pick the icon that you saved. Navigate to where you saved it. Make sure you still remember whatthis Shortcut is opening!

Step 12

Give it a name, then press "Add" on the top right. Press Done and exit the app.

You did it!
Quite impressive.

Great. Now we'll unfortunately have to repeat this for every icon (Go to Step 4)

If we had a simpler way, we'd offer it. A little effort to make your homescreen super-unique.. totallyworth it, and it's faster/safer than Jailbreaking..., eventually you'll memorize this sequence :)

Close this window when done

Creating your style...

Saving your style...

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