Getting Started

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Applying the Theme

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Common questions

Will this work on my iPhone?

At this time, we offer support for the various iPhones:

Note: Your iPhone software needs to be at least iOS 14
Go to Settings > General > About. See "Software Version". If it's 14.0 or higher, great!

Do I need any apps for this to work?

At this time, you really only need Apple Shortcuts (for custom Icons) and Widgetsmith (for custom Widgets). Both of these are free on the App Store.
It's recommended you install them before you start.

Can I use my custom icons?

There's an ability to add a custom PNG in the Editor as an icon. You'll have to do it one by one. Later we plan to allow the ability to import icon packs.

Where do I get more icons?

There are quite a few icon packs available. You can search on google for "iPhone icon packs" to get some.

How do I apply the theme?

When you download or otherwise generate a Style, you'll be provided with specialized instructions.

How can I remove the custom icons and theme?

It's easy to remove all custom icons - just tap and hold, and then delete them by pressing the X icon! Same thing for the Widgets. And finally, you can always change the wallpaper back to what you had before. Removing the Profile will also remove all custom icons.

Can I use this editor directly on my iPhone?

Yes, you can create themes directly on the iPhone. In fact, it's convenient as you'll get the ZIP file where you need it. That being said, the Mobile editor is not nearly as polished at the moment, and creating a theme may be more tedious. We recommend using the Desktop or iPad versions and then sending the ZIP file to your iPhone.

How can I submit my theme?

At the moment, we are still working on public galleries. You can already submit your themes by pressing "Save", however they will not be publically visible yet. If you'd like them to be later, make sure to check "Public" in the Skin Info box.

Which features are available in the Donation / PRO version?

To reward individuals who contributed to the development of this project, including those who Donated / purchased the PRO version, we offer the following:

We appreciate all contributions, as we're building this service in our free time and paying for its hosting and upkeep.

Why can I put a widget in the middle of the screen?

Of course it's not possible to do that on the iPhone, however we're still working on our editor, and we plan to prevent such a configuration. It's a bit harder than it seems.

How do I customize other pages?

At the moment we feel that offering just one page of customization is sufficient, as the instructions can be quite long for more pages. Eventually we plan to add several homescreens.

When I open a custom Shortcut, the Shortcuts app opens briefly

Unfortunately, that's the price you have to pay for now, to have custom icons...
Fortunately, on most iPhones it happens so quick you barely even notice it.

Here's how to speed up the load time
  1. First open Settings
  2. Go down to Accessibility
  3. Find "Motion" section under Vision
  4. Enable on Reduce Motion
This will make the action smoother and potentially save battery life as well, as complicated animations will be disabled.

Can the Profiles make my iPhone less safe?

Don't worry! The only thing our profiles can do is add icons to your Homescreen. They have no other features or capacity, and therefore are perfectly safe. If you're in doubt about their safety, we'd like to invite you to take a look at the source code for our method on GitHub. If you're a developer, we'd be happy with any improvement suggestions also :)

Can I design a theme for an iPhone that's not the X?

Yes, press the Menu icon on the top left and change your Device Type.

Still unsure? Contact us by email, and we'll try to help :)